Hasselblad H2

Hasselblad H2 introduction :
A year from the launch of the new Hasselblad, the company is setting a new benchmark for digital professional photography with Hasselblad H2 digital camera, satisfying the needs of both the general and specialist professional photographer. Building on the success of the H1 range of products, Hasselblad has developed the H2 cross-platform camera. The H2 camera includes a series of brand new features, and is fully compatible with Hasselblads existing H system lenses. The new Hasselblad product offers photographic professionals the quality of medium-format image capture, combined with the point-and-shoot ease of use, portability and flexibility more often associated with smaller format DSLR technology.

Hasselblad H2 - New technologies
The H2 digital camera delivers improved mobility, quality, and workflow. Brand new camera features include a highly advanced image approval and selection tool, called Instant Approval Architecture ( patent pending) providing a swift and easy way to select and classify images. Additionally, Hasselblad has built into the H2 cross-platform camera a new single-battery operation of the camera with the new Ixpress CFH digital back, offering one on/off switch and one operating system, facilitating streamlined, inte- grated operation. With existing digital backs already in the market, the H2 delivers the exact functionality of the H1.

Hasselblad and Imacon
Christian Poulsen, CEO of Hasselblad explains: "In the year since Hasselblad and Imacon joined forces, we have been inundated with constructive feedback from professional photographers worldwide, eager to see Hasselblads legendary quality evolve with developments in digital technology. When we reviewed their wishes, we were able to distil them into five key areas: format, storage, open standards, image approval and selection, and image color refinement. This gave us a clear blueprint for the next phase of our product development." "The result is a new range of technologically advanced products that will change the working habits of general and specialist professional photographers, providing them with the tools they need to capture magical images, while growing a profitable, customer-focused business."


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