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Nikon D3s 12-megapixel DSLR Camera Becomes Official
October 14, 2009, By Siyahi

Nikon has just unveiled its new D3s 12-megapixel DSLR camera. A must for the professional photographer
, the new Nikon D3s can shoot up to ISO 12,800 in normal settings, has improved 720p HD video (24fps) and can also be manually set to shoot at ISO 102,400, which, significantly enough, is four times more than the original D3 The new Nikon D3s has been tailor-made to click better in low light mode and any other situation where blur-free shots are crucial. Although the camera brings the same 16-bit pipeline with 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion from the older model, it has made efforts to cut down on chromatic aberration on the horizontal axis.

Equipped with a better dust removal system and an improved 100% viewfinder, the new D3s can also snap JPEG photos while videos are being played, with basic editing features incorporated. If you are on a movie shoot, the D3s gets improved light sensitivity come into play — this helps you draw on the full ISO range while recording low-light video.

On top of that, Nikon D3s shoots at up to nine frames per second, comes with the 51-point auto focus system and the same 3D metering system Nikon had put into its earlier DSLRs. Dual CF cards take care of the storage, which means that you also have the option to shoot RAW/JPEG to separate cards.

Nikon D3s will begin shipping late November, while the new AF-S 85mm f3.5G ED VR – a new DX mount lens – will be ready to ship in early December. The camera is expected to cost close to $5,200 (with the UK price climbing higher at £4200), while the lens could be yours for something close to $530.

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