Tommy Apostolos Dinner and Dance Benefit

The Tommy Apostlos Fund was established in 1988, in memory of Tommy Apostolos, a long time Roseville resident and a 30+year employee of Roseville Telephone Company.
This nonprofit organization raises funds to purchase clothing for Roseville school children through a special program coordinated by Surewest Communications Company, Roseville Police Association, and the Apostolos Family. One hundred percent (100%) of the money raised goes directly to these children who are selected from underprivileged or low income families within the local community. The children are given an open credit (usually $100/each) to purchase clothing at Kohl's Department Stores
. The shopping sprees are held twice annually: once for “Back to School” in August and again at Christmas. 

The Tommy Apostolos Fund perpetuates the memory of Tommy Apostolos—a caring, warmhearted man who gave much to his family and community.

Through the generosity of many volunteers and contributors to this extremely worthwhile community project, the Tommy Apostolos Fund is able to purchase clothing for over 600 children every year.


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