Ep. 38: Can Kodak Actually Make Film Happen Again? [feedly]

Ep. 38: Can Kodak Actually Make Film Happen Again?
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Toby and Christina with PhotoRec.TV open the show. Thanks guys!

Kodak pushes to make film a thing again. Do you think it's likely to happen? (#)

With winter here in the northern hemisphere, here's how to keep your batteries functional. (#)

Nikon is available to swap out card slots in the D5. How about in other bodies? (#)

Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates an epic day-to-night photos in the Serengeti. (#)

Camera Lends app connects photographers with those who want to rent their gear. (#)

A new expandable camera bag creates a stir based on its stylish design. (#)

Listener Antoine wants to know whether or not he should watermark his photos and how.

Big numbers released with user-friendly Lily drone's pre-orders. (#)

Researchers at Michigan Technical University develop a web-slinging drone catcher. (#)

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