Headshot Photography

Photography by Gallagher provides top-notch
 headshot photography for actors, corporate
executives, performers, musicians, business professionals,
 and social media rockstars.

If a picture’s worth a thousand
 words, then what is your headshot saying about you?

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Guarantee
 you make the right one with a professional headshot from
Photography by Gallagher.

Whether it’s for a business card,
portfolio, personal website, LinkedIn,
Facebook, Twitter, or a dating site,
it’s important today more than ever to have 
a strong image of yourself that effectively
 reflects your values  and professionalism.

A rough schedule of your shoot:
Hair/Makeup Styling: approx 30-60 minutes
shoot: 60 minutes
break for coffee/snack/dinner, etc while
Bobby edits: 60 minutes
Viewing/order of your photographs!
30-60 minutes. 

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