Lee’s Super Stopper 15-Stop ND Filter Turns a 2 Sec Exposure Into 17 Hours [feedly]

Lee's Super Stopper 15-Stop ND Filter Turns a 2 Sec Exposure Into 17 Hours
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Lee Filters is getting a new neutral density filter called the Super Stopper. It reduces light to your camera by 15 stops, meaning an ordinary 2-second exposure will take over 17 hours to expose through the filter.

The new Super Stopper filter will join the Little Stopper (6 stops of light) and Big Stopper (10 stops of light) in the Lee Filters family of long-exposure ND filters. Like its smaller siblings, the Super Stopper will be available for the 100mm, Seven5, and SW150 lines of Lee Filters products.

"The Super Stopper is designed for use in bright conditions, during the middle of the day, a time that's traditionally considered unsuitable for photography because of the harsh, contrasty nature of the light," the press release says. "However, with the Super Stopper filter fitted, the softness that arises from any movement contrasts pleasingly with any areas of bright light, creating an effect rarely seen in photography before now."


Here's a chart that shows you how long you can stretch your exposures with the Super Stopper:


The Super Stopper has a filter factor of 3200 and a density of 4.5. As with the other Stopper filters, the Super Stopper features high-quality optical glass, minimal color cast, and a metal protective case.

While complete pricing and availability have been announced, DPReview reports that the SW150 series version will cost $175.


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