Filters for Video Part II: Matte Boxes and Lens Accessories [feedly]

Filters for Video Part II: Matte Boxes and Lens Accessories
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This is part II of the Filtration for Video Series. You can watch Part I here.

Customizing Lenses for Matte boxes and Filters

Before I jump into the 3 matte box solutions, we need to prepare our lenses for filters and matte boxes. The lens system I talk about in the video turns your lens into a filtration ready beast and allows you to add and remove any type of filtration instantly.

Step 1: Cordvision 80mm Ring

This ring adapts the front of your lens to have an outer diameter of 80mm which is what we need to use clamp on matte boxes. You can get Corvision rings here.

Step 2: XUME Adapter

This magnetic filter adapter allows us to easily add round filters and filter holders to our lenses all while being able to add and remove matte boxes quickly. You can find XUME lens adapters (magnetic part that goes on the lens) and XUME filter adapters (magnetic part that goes on the filter) at B&H Photo Video. You can buy the adapters individually or save some money by getting a starter kit.

Matte Box Solutions

In the later part of the video, I show you 3 matte box solutions ranging from $50 to $450+

1. Genustech PV Matte Box


The Genus PV Matte Box is the best all around matte box solution in my opinion. Here are some of the main features of the PV Matte Box:

  • 2 Filter stages (1 rotating)
  • Takes 4×5.6 AND 4×4 filters
  • Can be clamped on or used with a rod system
  • Can take side and top flags

You can get the PV Matte Box from Genus and B&H. Genus has had a real hard time keeping matte boxes in stock, so if you see it available, jump on it! Here are some other accessories I mentioned that you can use with the Genus PV:

2. Genustech Matte Box Lite


The Genus Matte Box Lite is a great lightweight budget option. Here are some features of the Genus Lite matte box:

  • 1 Rotating filter tray
  • Clamp on only
  • Very light
  • Can only take a top flag

You can buy the Genus Matte Box Lite from Genustech or B&H. Genus has had a hard time keeping matte boxes in stock, so if you see it available, jump on it!

3. Fotodiox Filter Holder


This is by far the cheapest option coming in at around $50. You can get the Fotodiox filter holder on Amazon or B&H. You can also pickup the Dinkum System lens shade to work along with your filter holder.


I hope this was helpful to many of you. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch and I would be happy to help you out! If this video was helpful to you, please consider purchasing gear from the links in this post. By doing so, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Also be sure to watch Filtration Part I: Filter Types and uses.

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