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The most attention grabbing platform in our industry right now is LinkedIn, if every person watching, made five to ten pictures or videos a day for LinkedIn. Inside a year, something Amazing would happen, But 99% of you won't post after watching this video. 

The question Is why. The conversation in here needs to be about judgment, and why the majority of you won’t start posting more on LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter.

 I love when people say, I don't get it I am smart enough to understand You can spend two hours on an app to figure it out. The reason you're not posting is insecurity,  you spend too much time worrying about who's gonna care about what I’m  saying, What would I say, Who cares what I think, or even worse , you actually post something and somebody leaves A negative comment,  And you fold like a cheap lawn chair.

 So, You need to realize that the judgment of others, has zero impact on your lives. As soon as you understand this perspective something amazing happens, you will start speaking. 

And when I say speaking, let me explain this and squash the other excuse of why your business isn’t posting. Not everybody is great on camera,  I get it. However, on the flip side, I am Not a good writing, It's not my natural skill.

But Plenty of people Watching are writers, and there is opportunity to write a paragraph around a LinkedIn  post. Others can work in Photoshop and can create something for others to Enjoy.

My point is everybody has a talent, May it be writing, Photoshop or videos that they could use for LinkedIn or Facebook you just need to find that talent and use it.

Do you see if you're not communicating, you do not exist.  I just really hope you hear me, whether for yourself or you're a top executive in your organization that still does direct mail or print instead of Producing content on LinkedIn and Facebook.

come on guys it's 2020. And don't give me this won’t work in my industry, I'm watching your industry and it works. so here we are, The biggest opportunity in the history of mankind To market Your business. The question today.

         is When are you going to start speaking.

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