Headshot the first part of corporate storytelling

 I've always thought growing up, an artist is not a medium or a craft but it's a way of life, it's a way of seeing the world, it's a way of experiencing the world. So when I decided I wanted to go into photography, I need to figure out a way that would let me lead this kind of life both meaningful and also profitable, when I am working with companies It  has to be a life project, something that I can believe in, but also something that can support me in my normal life. 

I always thought that companies were a little bit bland,  you know, old rigid stuff. We're so used to working with big companies, large corporations, and collaborations.  I realized, that's not how people are investing anymore, we're investing in people, we're investing in an idea or investing in a dream. And when a company can show who they are, who their personality is, this is really where companies are shining today.

Storytelling in general is the way that people connect to people, the biggest industries movies, television, social media have always been based on the assumption that we are buying into a story, and that's what we need to do for our  companies.  taking the everyday life tribulations that happen in a human being's corporate life, and  bringing that to the world.

When I look at let's say a water technology company, what I see is, They all have the same product. The only reason we're investing in one over the other is because of the humanity behind them, who is trusted, who's fighting the good fight.  And when they can showcase who they are, and let people really almost look at it like opening up a window into the business, then people will invest in that business.

Well, let's break it down from the beginning,Headshots are in a way the one space where someone  can find out who you are. In the past if  I needed something I would  visit you, when I needed bread I would go to the baker. If I needed insurance I would go see my insurance salesman, this doesn't work anymore, we live in a digital world we live on LinkedIn, we live on Instagram, and Facebook. So, if I want to know who you are. I check out your website and social media. I do a digital identity check into who you are. Because of this your head shots need to be created right, you don't want a random picture that someone took of you in Cancun to be the first  image that people see when they type in your name, you want to create the experience someone will have working with you. 

 Headshot photographers need to show you how to use your eyes for confidence, mouth for approachability, eyebrows are expression, the idea is to be able to coach someone to get the look of who they really are. What people don't realize is we have natural expression, we live in expression. But when we step in front of a camera all of a sudden, we go blank. It's glass, it's metal, you have no idea what's going on, it's scary.  a great headshot photographer will guide you on how to create the right expression.

Headshots are only the beginning of your story telling, this is the first thing people will see, the idea is to grab interest and lead them to the next part of your story.

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