YouTube is one of the world's most popular social media platforms

 YouTube is one of the world's most popular social media platforms. As a result, it has a lot of untapped potential for a variety of businesses. If you know how to use it correctly, you'll undoubtedly increase your following, whether you're a new company looking for ways to establish an online presence or have been using the platform for a while but haven't been able to fully utilize its capabilities.

There are numerous ways for a company to use YouTube to grow its customer base. Eight members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share their most effective strategies for assisting businesses in achieving the results they require.

1. Display In-Depth Storytelling

When it comes to time spent on a page, the YouTube audience is more invested than other social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. Doesn't that make sense? When you go to YouTube, you're more likely to spend more time watching a video than you would if you were scrolling through Reels. Capturing that customer attention is critical, and I believe YouTube is the best place to do so—whether it's of your brand, your quarterly goals or initiatives, interviews with your team, etc. Taking advantage of the opportunity to show off more of what makes your company awesome can be a great way to both grow and captivate your customer base. They become acquainted with your brand and become invested in your story.

2. Make use of user-generated content

Use user-generated content to educate customers and prospects. Don't rely solely on you and your company to generate all content. By incorporating user-generated content, ideally from customers and partners, you can make your channel more approachable and provide personable, easy-to-digest content. It's also a natural way to grow your YouTube channel by encouraging customers to visit and submit their own content.

3. Work with Professional YouTubers

Collaboration with professional YouTubers or influencers to cross-promote each other's brands is one way to grow your customer base through YouTube. However, make certain that you collaborate with someone who has a large audience. This will allow you to reach a whole new audience. This exposure, in turn, will aid in the creation of brand awareness, the development of credibility, and the attraction of new traffic and leads to your channel.

4. Request Customer Feedback

In exchange for a free gift, request customer feedback on a video (as opposed to a product review). Customer feedback promotes dialogue and credibility for your company, as well as the formation of a community around your brand. If you think of YouTube as a community rather than just a place to post videos, you're more likely to succeed. When soliciting customer feedback, make certain that it does not violate any of the review terms. Finally, leave customer feedback on some brands you admire and respect. The more you give, the more you will receive.

Make behind-the-scenes videos.

Creating behind-the-scenes videos is an excellent way to humanize your brand. You can highlight your employees, office areas, quality control, and other aspects of your business. Because you're opening a window into how your company operates, this type of content fosters trust and goodwill. It's an opportunity to highlight why your company is a good fit for customers. Make a point of emphasizing values, employee well-being, and other issues that strike an emotional cord. You'll improve your brand's image and persuade people to do business with you.

6. Engage And Connect On A Daily Basis

Make more live videos and use them to engage with more people and remind them to watch your new content. Engage and connect, even if it means commenting on other accounts with which you collaborate. Use photos and YouTube Shorts to engage with your followers on a daily basis, if possible. Make it a point to connect on a daily basis. This works because the more content you post on YouTube, the more likely you are to be seen and recommended. Also, the more visible you are, the better it is for YouTube.

7. Make Educational Guides And Tutorials Available

Posting educational guides and tutorials that teach users how to use your product is one of the best ways to use YouTube to grow your business. People are likely to discover your channel without first learning about your product or service. You can bet that if they see a demonstration in one of your tutorials, they will visit your website and become customers. This strategy works because consumers are obsessed with products that add real value to their lives. Instead of saying "buy my product," you can say "here's what my product can do," which can elicit very different reactions from visitors.

8. Organize Product Giveaways

When you consider that over 2 billion people visit YouTube each month, it's clear that there are numerous unique marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. One universal way to use YouTube to grow your business is to host a giveaway in which you give away a few of your best-selling products or services. We like to create rules for our giveaways that are consistent with our other marketing objectives. For example, if we want to generate more email leads, we offer another giveaway entry to our YouTube subscribers who subscribe to our list.

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