B2B Influencer Marketing: The Unicorn or the Donkey of Content Strategy?

Dear business-savvy, Internet-using, strategy-surfing countrymen and women. Gather around, because today we're going to tell you the truth (or not) about B2B influencer marketing, the new hero in town. Grab some popcorn and maybe a business strategy plan, because things are about to get real.

Let's start by getting things right. Influencer marketing isn't new; it's been hiding in the shadows for a very long time. You know, the Instagram-famous cat selling catnip or the YouTube star selling toothpaste so bright it could direct traffic at night. We've all been there and bought the T-shirt (or catnip). But what about selling to other businesses? Is this the next Batman of content strategy or the guy who forgot his pants on Zoom?

At first, the idea of B2B influencer marketing seems about as appealing as cold coffee. Who wants to see a stiff executive in a suit talk about the benefits of cloud storage while a beautiful sunset is in the background? But as the saying goes, "Don't knock it till you've tried it."

Behind the people who wear ties and talk about numbers, there is a quiet power. I mean, what other way of selling can put you to sleep and get you to buy a $10,000 CRM system at the same time?

Here's the thing: the unicorn of credibility rides on B2B influencer marketing. While consumer influencers are out "living their best life" and drinking kale smoothies, B2B influencers are working long hours, eating takeout at their desks, and making sure that businesses continue to, well, mean business. And we wouldn't change a thing.

The secret sauce of B2B influencer marketing is found in this world of late-night number crunching, endless coffee pots, and fights between departments over the last pen. And what's that? The name of it is "Reality Check." It's not about making up stories or having dreams. It means coming up with real, measured, and sometimes boring answers to real business problems.

Now, I hear you saying, "Okay, reality is great, but how do I even find these influencers?" Good question. You might not see them posting pictures on Instagram with the latest "skinny tea" or showing off their tenth "daily routine" vlog on YouTube. Most likely, you already know your B2B leader. They're that LinkedIn friend who keeps writing stories that make sense. They are the ones who give good tips on Twitter and in business groups.

So, is content strategy's next big thing B2B influencer marketing? Well, if you like your marketing plans to come with a side of reality, a scoop of sincerity, and a dash of fun (because, let's face it, we all need to laugh at the silliness of business sometimes), then yes. It's what you should do next.

But let's be honest: not everyone can use celebrity marketing. Stick to buyer celebrity marketing if you want to look cool. You can look at pretty people using things you don't need in places you can't buy. But if you want to see the raw, real, and sometimes silly world of business, then buckle up. Influencer marketing for business-to-business will take you on a wild ride. In the ever-changing world of marketing, it's important to ask, "Is this a majestic unicorn that promises untold wonders?"  success, or a guy without pants on a Zoom call that makes everyone red-faced and a little scared? Just wait and see. But until then, let's enjoy the fact that B2B influencer marketing is new and has a lot of promise. Because you never know, the next person who has a big impact on B2B could be just one elevator pitch away.

And remember, whether it's a horse or a donkey, it's the right beast for you as long as it gets you results and makes your competitors scratch their heads.

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