Changing Gears and Going Natural

 Hello, this is Bigbobby. 

If you know me, you'll understand that I love a nice cup of coffee and B2B content marketing, among other things. I've always been excited to share my knowledge, my life's lessons, and any other pearls of wisdom I come across along the road. Our  Studio L7 podcast has been built around these dialogues.

Folks, here's the thing: change is on the way. 

No, despite how much I like a good blues song, I'm not going to trade in my podcasting microphone for a harmonica. Just a little diversion, and I'd want you to come along on this thrilling new voyage with me.

I've been traveling more recently than a well-worn library book. Traveling around, meeting new people, enjoying the local cuisine (some, I must admit, better than others), and generally having a blast. The negative? It's becoming more difficult to get down and put together our cherished, although slightly overproduced, podcast episodes.

The old lamp above my head began to flicker at that point. Why not combine my wanderlust with the spirit of our podcast to produce a more organic, impromptu, and hopefully far more enjoyable show?

I've been in the marketing industry long enough to know that spontaneity is often taken to mean disorderly or unprofessional. But I can assure you that's not the case. We'll still go into the fundamentals of content marketing and provide you with insights and tactics, but it will be more like two friends catching up over a beer or maybe swapping anecdotes on a long, somewhat uncomfortable bus journey.

To be quite honest, after listening to some of our previous podcasts, I had a little epiphany. They began to sound like those late-night infomercials attempting to sell you an integrated karaoke machine, blender, and mop. We can do better, I was forced to reflect. We owe it to you, our wonderful listeners, to provide something more captivating and genuine.

Studio L7 is now switching gears. It would sound more like a friendly chat between friends than like I was an enthusiastic telemarketer. Imagine us telling stories over a roaring campfire, but instead of ghost stories, we'd be discussing how to produce engaging content that increases ROI.

The usual dosage of content marketing insights will be sent to you. The stories of my travels, the interesting people I meet, the unusual and intriguing cuisines I taste (and sometimes wish I hadn't), and everything else that makes life such an exhilarating trip will be woven into these lessons. 

There will be a ton of learning, a ton of laughter, and, I can assure you, a ton of fun. Who said content marketing had to be serious and dull, after all? We can also chuckle about it! The same as the time a customer thought SEO was a boy band. Still makes me laugh!

What should you anticipate from Studio L7 moving forward? Take nothing for granted. We're in for a thrilling journey with unexpected turns, captivating tales, priceless marketing advice, and, yes, a healthy dose of comedy. 

Bigbobby is signing off from Studio L7; remember  we are all traveling through life together. I'm excited to start this new chapter with you, where we learn that although content may be king, comedy is really the jester who reigns supreme.

 Takes center stage. Keep an eye out and, most importantly, keep being fabulously strange!

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