Focus on Your Employees: Mastering the Art of Workplace Retention

In a recent episode of Studio L7, presenter Bigbobby focused on an often-overlooked area of company management: employee training and retention. He eloquently compared the skill of creating a gorgeous but personal shot to the dilemma of educating your staff so well they could quit but treating them so well they wouldn't want to. 

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You teach your staff to succeed in their professions in the same way that you train your camera lens to get the ideal photo. The common challenge for managers and company owners alike is finding a balance between educating an employee so well that they become appealing to rivals and treating them so well that they don't want to leave.

Bigbobby believes that the solution rests in comprehending the intricacies of human desires. Humans need more nuanced care than cameras, which require upkeep and cautious handling. Humans flourish in environments that foster open communication, reward our efforts, and respect our work-life balance. In summary, a healthy working atmosphere is essential. Employees cannot create their best work under stress in the same way that a camera cannot perform efficiently in low-light settings.

Furthermore, it is critical to recognize that employee training includes more than simply teaching job-related skills and information. It's about empowering people, assisting them in realizing their full potential, and encouraging them to become the greatest versions of themselves. However, properly teaching personnel is insufficient to assure their devotion. The objective is to cultivate a relationship with them.

Bigbobby compares this collaboration to that of a photographer and his camera. A photographer knows his camera's capabilities, acknowledges its limits, and appreciates the stunning photos it aids in the creation of. Similarly, encouraging workers to develop while knowing their limits, applauding their triumphs, and cultivating a passion-fueled workplace can result in a great collaboration.

Bigbobby also highlights the need of presenting staff the larger picture. Managers should show workers the effect of their work in the same way that a photographer shows his camera the gorgeous scene he wishes to capture. Employees feel appreciated when they grasp the relevance of their work, which encourages loyalty and boosts job satisfaction.

As Bigbobby illustrates, the art of keeping staff is similar to the skill of producing a great image. The success of a firm is in the hands of its workers, just as the beauty of a fantastic image is not in the camera but in the person behind it. 

 investing in your staff via excellent training, open communication, praising their accomplishments, and presenting them the larger picture may dramatically improve job happiness and loyalty. As Bigbobby sensibly suggests, "train them like they could leave, but treat them like they'd never want to."

This episode of Studio L7, inspired by the world of photography, gives a new viewpoint on employee training and retention. It goes on to demonstrate that, like photography, business is as much about the people behind the scenes as it is about the ultimate result. This informative podcast is a must-listen for anybody trying to create a peaceful and productive workplace.

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