Once Upon a Time in the Land of B2B: The Marketing Storytellers

A long time ago, in a place called B2B, businesses were preoccupied with emphasizing the useful aspects of their goods. And they kept yelling about why they were the greatest, like an overeager parent at a school sports day. 

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"Look at me, my product can perform 37 tasks simultaneously and is available in 18 different colors!"

Oh, right. Well, mine has a built-in laser pointer, can perform 42 things, and can even prepare you a cup of tea as you do your taxes. 

Theoretically, this feature-throwing competition ought to have succeeded. It was all about becoming the greatest, much like a reality TV program from the early 2000s. Decision-makers ought to have flocked to these businesses like teens to a TikTok craze.

Theories are, however, about as trustworthy as a chocolate teapot, as anybody who has ever attempted to apply material from a business textbook to the actual world can attest. Similar to B2C, decision-makers in B2B don't make decisions with the same robotic rigor as a Vulcan. No, they get sentimental. They have feelings. 

This is why a new breed of wizard called the Storytelling Wizard started to appear in this remote country of B2B. Their strategy was really different. They did not scream loudly about their advantages or superiority. They related tales.

Consider the Salesforce wizards, for example. They described their CRM as more than simply a tool by using narrative. It served as a devoted ally, a hardworking assistant, and a brilliant knight in the realm of commercial operations. They transformed their CRM into the Frodo Baggins of business-to-business goods, assisting companies in destroying the one ring of chaos and inefficiency.

Then there is the rapidly expanding Storybrand, who have emerged as this storytelling movement's Gandalf. They assisted companies in their quests for epic stories by demonstrating how to craft their own. And the reaction has been as endearing as a Disney film's happy ending. Google searches for the moniker "Storybrand" are more frequent than searches for amusing cats, albeit maybe not quite as often. a staggering 106% increase over five years!).

Consequently, if you're a B2B firm, you might think about laying down that megaphone of features and supremacy. Grab a quill and some paper (or, oh, a laptop) and begin composing your own tale.

Everyone appears to like a good narrative in the B2B sector, just as in the real world. And as for me, well, they lived happily ever after—or at least up to the emergence of the next marketing fad. The End.

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