Studio L7's Advice on Podcasting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The podcasting industry is a dynamic one that is teeming with originality and ingenuity. I have had the good fortune to see this environment personally as the presenter of Studio L7, a podcast devoted to everything photography, field recording, and filmmaking in the B2B market. As rewarding as this trip has been, there have also been some difficulties and setbacks along the way. In this article, we examine several typical podcasting problems and provide some priceless tips on how to avoid them.

1. Unknown Objective or Audience:

One of the most common mistakes brand-new podcasters make is failing to specify their show's goal or target audience. Lack of concentration in material due to an unclear objective might make it difficult to draw in and keep a devoted audience.

Solution: Establish your "why" before launching a podcast. What is the main point you wish to make? Who would make the best listener? For Studio L7, our goal is to investigate photography, field recording, and filmmaking in the B2B market. Anyone interested in these subjects, especially professionals and hobbyists, makes up our target audience.

2. Content that Is Inconsistent:

In podcasting, consistency is crucial. Unreliable release schedules might turn off listeners and lower engagement levels.

Solution: Based on your availability, create a reasonable publication schedule and adhere to it. A regular biweekly program is preferable than an inconsistent weekly one.

3. Terrible audio quality

Even with high-quality information, listeners may be turned off by subpar audio. Since audio is the main form of communication in the world of podcasting, audio quality is crucial.

Solution: Purchase a high-quality microphone, then educate yourself on the fundamentals of sound editing. Having crisp, clean audio greatly improves the listening experience.

4. Lack of Promotion:

The second half of the game is making sure your content reaches your audience. Creating outstanding content is just half the battle.

Solution: Promote your episodes via all channels, including social media, newsletters, and even your personal network. Keep in mind that each platform has its own language and style, and adjust your advertising material as necessary.

5. Neglecting Listener Engagement:

The formation of a community is what makes podcasting so beautiful. You run the risk of making your audience feel unloved if you ignore their comments or involvement.

Solution: Talk to your audience. Consider responding to reviews and emails, seeking input, and adding questions or suggestions from listeners in your episodes.

6. Ignoring the show notes:

Show notes are sometimes disregarded, yet they are a crucial component for improving the SEO of your podcast and giving your listeners access to extra information or references.

Solution: Set up time to write thorough show notes that include episode descriptions, guest biographies (if applicable), and connections to useful resources. Additionally, you may use this space to add calls to action that encourage listeners to rate, review, or subscribe to your podcast.

7. Unrealizable Expectations: 

The romanticization of podcasting sometimes creates illusory expectations of quick success or financial benefit.

Solution: The trick is to be persistent and patient. A successful podcast requires time, work, and a learning curve to build. Remember your initial motivation for starting a podcast while you celebrate little achievements.

We at Studio L7 have discovered that being ready, committed, and involved are the keys to avoiding these mistakes. Keep in mind that every podcasting experience is different; what works for one person may not work for another. Try out various strategies, gain knowledge from your mistakes, and most importantly, have fun while doing it.

Podcasting is a potent tool for community development, storytelling, and education. Despite the potential for hazards, they may be avoided with proper preparation and smart implementation.

 Avoiding them will make your podcasting adventure successful and satisfying.

Remember that the purpose of podcasting is to build relationships and provide value. Let these concepts guide your trip as you travel your own podcasting road. We at Studio L7 are always available to discuss our insights, provide advice, and acknowledge your accomplishments in the exciting world of podcasting.

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