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We didn't get into email marketing too much in our previous conversation on B2B marketing tactics, but it's an important subject. Email marketing is an art, much like photography, podcasting, field recording, and filmmaking. Your approach is your canvas, and the correct software is your paintbrush. 

To some, email marketing may seem to be an old-fashioned tactic, but I assure you that it is still very much in use today. It is a potent tool that is often disregarded, but when used properly, it may significantly improve your B2B marketing efforts. 

Why Email Marketing, exactly?

I want to underline the significance of email marketing before getting into the meat of the discussion—email marketing software. Email is still a very efficient tool to connect with and engage your target audience, despite the tremendous improvements in social media and other communication channels. 

Emails provide a degree of personalisation that is not feasible via other channels, according to point 1. Recipients may be addressed by name, material can be tailored to their interests, and you can even send them special offers on important occasions like their birthdays or work anniversaries.

2. Direct Communication: Social media algorithms are erratic and often even your followers are unaware of your updates. However, email allows you to speak with your subscribers directly. The message arrives directly in their inbox, where they may view it whenever they like.

3. Cost-effectiveness: Email marketing is very cost-effective when compared to other types of advertising. With a little investment, you may reach hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers. 

4. ROI: A 2019 DMA survey found that you can anticipate an average return of $42 for every dollar spent on email marketing. That represents a big ROI! So, to sum up a lengthy narrative, email marketing is revolutionary.

The Top Email Marketing Programs 

But in order to execute it effectively, just like any plan, you need the correct tools. Numerous email marketing programs are available, but I've done some research and selected the top ones for you. Each has distinctive qualities and advantages, so the best option will primarily rely on your own requirements.

1. Mailchimp.

Without a question, one of the most widely used email marketing platforms available is Mailchimp. And there's a valid explanation behind it. It contains a number of helpful features, a free plan for beginners (up to 2,000 contacts), and is simple to use. Beautiful emails may be created, automated campaigns can be set up, and comprehensive email performance data can be obtained.

The ability of Mailchimp to be integrated with other programs is one of my favorite features. You can link anything with Mailchimp, whether it's your CRM, e-commerce platform, or social media networks. It enables smooth communication among the many components of your marketing approach.

2. Brevo.

Sendinblue is the best option if you're seeking for an email marketing solution with strong automation features. By providing SMS marketing and chat alternatives as well, it goes beyond email marketing. 

Email campaigns may be created using SendinBlue's automated workflow editor depending on the actions of your clients. Did they leave their cart behind? You should remind them. Have they recently subscribed to your newsletter? Send them a kind email of welcome. Once you've set up the process, everything occurs automatically. It's like having a full-time marketing assistant!

3. Constant Contact

For a time now, Constant Contact has been active in the world of email marketing. It is renowned for having a simple, user-friendly layout and top-notch customer service. Their email editor with drag and drop functionality and excellent layouts Simple but effective.

Constant Contact stands out in part because of its event management tool, which makes it a great option for companies who conduct events or webinars. In one location, you can distribute invites, sell tickets, monitor RSVPs, and send follow-up emails.

4. GetResponse.

GetResponse is a versatile platform that serves more purposes than only email marketing. It includes webinar hosting, landing page development, and even a CRM system, in addition to the usual capabilities like email design, automation, and analytics.

One of their notable features is called "AutoFunnel," which enables you to build a whole email marketing funnel from the landing page or registration form to the final transaction without using any extra software.

What Should I Check for in Email Marketing Software?

These are but a few possibilities; you may come across additional tools that seem to be similarly interesting. How then do you make your decision? Here are some things to think about:

1. Ease of Use: A tool that takes weeks to grasp is not something you want. Even for those who are not technically savvy, the program should be simple to use and intuitive.

2. Automation Capabilities: A decent email marketing solution need to have the ability to automate many of your duties, like sending welcome emails, follow-ups, and customized offers.

3. Integration: The program need to work effectively with the other tools you use in your company, including your website, CRM, social media platforms, and others.

4. Analytics and Reporting: Information is essential to enhancing your email marketing. Detailed data on open rates, click-through rates, and other crucial metrics should be provided by the tool.

5. Price: The price is the last but not least. Select software that is affordable and delivers a good value for the money.

Keep in mind that the most costly or widely used tool may not always be the best one for you. The finest email marketing software is the one that best satisfies the specific demands that each organization has.

Similar to selecting the greatest camera for your photography, the ideal model is the one that enables you to capture your vision to the fullest extent possible. Similar to this, choose email marketing software that supports your marketing objectives and enables you to interact with your audience in the most efficient manner. 

Okay, that's all I have to say at this time. Please share your opinions with me. Have you already used any of these tools? Or do you believe there is another one that deserves to be mentioned? 

I'll see you later. Bigbobby

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