The Charming (and Often Unplanned) Shenanigans of Animorphic Lenses in B2B Marketing #B2BContentMarketing #MarketingInMotion #PhotographyForBusiness

Well, good day to you! Surely you are lost. Or it's possible that you came here to learn about B2B marketing and how animorphic lenses, yeah, you read that correctly, are painting our staid corporate world with exaggerated proportions and garish hues.

You're welcome to join the club if you believe it sounds like I'm providing a space-time continuum class. When discussing animorphic lenses, often known as "anamorphic" to those in the know, most people frequently feel like they've walked onto a closed-door meeting where quantum physics is being discussed. Keep with me, however. Not as "Interstellar" as it first seems. Really, it's just a matter of manipulating vision and light.

You could inquire, "Why?" I would answer, "For the sake of content marketing." You see, in order to stand out in the mundane B2B world, we're using strategies that would make Salvador Dali blush and Michael Bay nod in agreement.

Let's first clear up the mystery around the term "anamorphic." It's just a fancy way of stating that we distort the picture to generate a larger field of vision, which, when 'de-squeezed' (another fancy phrase), back to its original aspect ratio, gives us the classic ultra-wide images we've seen in numerous Hollywood blockbusters.

Why is this being used in B2B marketing? I'm pleased you asked, however. Please confirm that you did. It's because we want to pull you in and make you pay attention, just like that cat meme you've seen 67 times (don't deny it). More than that, we strive to provide a unique and unforgettable visual experience.

Consider that you are seeing a commercial for a business that sells equipment for field recording. It begins with a wide-angle image of a busy metropolis, where the sounds merge to create an urban symphony. The vision seems to span the whole surface of your screen in an almost immersive fashion. You feel compelled, don't you? That is the charm of anamorphics.

So how can your company use this magic? Put your seatbelts on; the ride is about to begin.

It might seem like you've just purchased a pass to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wide-Angled Photography when you get your hands on an anamorphic lens. The most common Joe might suddenly become a captivating business superstar and ordinary office settings can become big stages thanks to your abilities.

But don't fall for it. Although revolutionary, the animorphic lens is not the "One Ring" of the marketing world. Although it will undoubtedly bend light, it won't control or subjugate your listeners. It must first be mastered by you.

Start by doing a test. Make use of it for a day of podcasting and office-related videography. Document your coworkers' genuine laughing, the camaraderie that emerges during brainstorming sessions, or the quiet seclusion of your office plant called Fred (don't try to pretend you don't name your workplace plants). You'll learn how to utilize this tool by doing this.

Here's a little-known fact, however: using an anamorphic lens is similar to tango dancing. There is emotion, movement, but most importantly, there is a lot of actual and metaphorical tripping over people's toes. Those broad shots? EVERYTHING is captured. That coffee stain you believed to be unaffected by framing? No, it's still there, beautifully captured in 4K. Not to be overlooked are the famed lens flares. They are no longer only for J.J. Abrams. Your photos may take on a dreamlike appearance from these flares, adding an air of originality and interest. But moderation is the key in life as in everything else. You can no longer create a corporate video if there are too many lens flares. You're producing a low-cost science fiction film.

Even more fun (or terrible, depending on your perspective) arises when anamorphic lenses are used for photography. With the proper lighting and backdrop, a straightforward product photo may be transformed into an aesthetic masterpiece. Even the most uninteresting B2B items may have a cinematic aspect that draws attention and piques interest. But keep in mind that the lens records everything. Bob from accounting might also ruin your ideal photograph by entering the frame.

Field recording comes next, of course. While the audio won't be much affected by an anamorphic lens, the accompanying images may greatly enhance any podcast or audio recording. Create a great podcast intro or include a few behind-the-scenes photos of your recording process, and there you have it! You now own a marketing tool that has the desired "oomph." Be careful, however, since while you're out there documenting the atmosphere of a forest or the activity of a metropolis, your wide-angle image can also show Kevin falling over his own feet. Kevin at his best.

Using an anamorphic lens is ultimately equivalent to adding a spoonful of quirkiness to a bowl of plain oatmeal when it comes to B2B content marketing. It's a voyage that includes many unanticipated detours and turns as well as the odd lens flare. If utilized properly, it's a tool that can elevate the ordinary to the remarkable. Is it worth it, then? Absolutely. The results may still be remarkable even with the uncomfortable dance, the lens flares, and Bob from accounting. In the world of B2B marketing, anamorphic lenses may completely shift the game by differentiating your content from the competition and producing eye-catching images that captivate your audience.

Would it be simple? No. What about fun? You can guarantee it will be given the lens flares and Kevin's blunders. So why not try it out? The worst that can happen, Fred, is that you'll wind up with too many panoramic pictures of your workplace plant. And as we both know, he has been longing for the limelight. 

Kudos to lens distortion!

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