A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting More People to Listen to Your Podcast on YouTube

Are you a podcaster who wants to get more listeners? YouTube now has an easy way for you to add your audio show to the site. You can easily add your RSS feed to a YouTube channel with just a few clicks. This will cause all of your shows, both old and new, to be uploaded automatically. This tool not only posts your episodes, but it also makes videos with all of the show notes and links included, complete with your own artwork. In an easy-to-use way, this means that your audio stream can now be found on YouTube.

Follow these steps to make your audio podcast work on YouTube:

The process is easy to understand. Click "Create" and then "New Podcast" once you're logged into YouTube Studio. Right here is where you can "Submit RSS Feed." This tool lets you upload all of your podcasts to YouTube. Any changes you make to your podcast host will also be made to your YouTube account. 

During this step, you'll need to enter a code sent to the email address you used to set up your RSS feed to prove your podcast. After that, you can choose which shows to share or all of them. To follow YouTube's rules, make sure you check the right box if your show has paid ads.

Taking care of your YouTube podcast

YouTube will make a new playlist for your show as soon as you download it. You can keep putting out video versions of your podcast while adding older shows that are only audio to this playlist. This way, all of your shows is accessible from one place, whether it's YouTube or YouTube Music.

Using Riverside to Make Video Podcasts

Riverside is a great tool for people who want to start or keep up with video streaming. It lets you shoot high-quality video, which is helpful when you have people from far away, and it lets you edit audio without compression. You can cut, splice, and even change the style of content in Riverside's editor to make vertical videos that are great for sharing as YouTube shorts.

Changing the artwork and description on YouTube

As your shows are imported, you can change the title, description, and unique artwork for the podcast. You can see these information on both YouTube Music and the YouTube stream. You can also make sure that new shows are easily accessible to your audience by setting the usual visibility for them.

Promoting Your Podcast with YouTube Shorts

You can get people to listen to your show by using YouTube Shorts. Short clips can be linked to full shows, making it easy for watchers to listen to the whole episode. This function is a great way to get more people to interact with your content and grow your community.

In the end

Putting your show on YouTube gives you more ways to reach new listeners and share your material. With YouTube's new "import RSS" tool, it's easy to get your show on one of the biggest sites in the world. YouTube can help you take your show to the next level, whether you want to focus on audio-only or video-only content.

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